Message to Stakeholders in relation to COVID-19 Pandemic


Dear Stakeholders,

SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime) has always prioritized the safety of its employees, tenant partners, service providers, and customers as we fully support the preventive measures outlined by the government amid the heightened alert on COVID-19.

As we face challenges of ensuring public health and safety, SM Prime establishments remain open to serve all stakeholders for access to basic necessities.

For our employees, we are developing alternative work schemes and ways of collaboration, through digital conferencing. We have procured preventive tools, including face masks and alcohol disinfectants. Strict adherence to protocols and self-quarantine are being observed for employees with travel history.

For our business partners, we currently evaluate business trends and impact of this pandemic to deliver win-win solutions. Logistics and deliveries are limited to designated areas in our establishments. Business continuity management systems are in place for immediate implementation, if needed.             

SM Prime has intensified preventive measures overtime, comprising of adjusted mall hours and sanitation efforts. To promote social distancing, events and mass gatherings have been postponed or cancelled.

All these we do to protect and support communities where we are present as part of SM Prime’s commitment to promote the hygiene and well-being for all. In times of crisis where public health is at risk, we urge everyone to remain calm and follow the basic measures to mitigate COVID-19 transmission.

Thank you and stay safe.





SM Prime Holdings, Inc.