Voting Right

All stockholders are entitled to vote following the one-share-one-vote system. Stockholders, whether individual or institutional, are encouraged to personally attend the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting to exercise their voting right, thereby allowing them to individually elect candidates to the Board of Directors and vote on matters requiring stockholder approval. Nevertheless, proxy voting is permitted and is facilitated through proxy forms available in the Company’s website and distributed to stockholders along with the Notice of Meeting. Click here for the Company’s Annual Stockholders’ Meeting Voting Procedure.

Inspection Right and Access to Information

All stockholders are given the right to inspect corporate books and records in accordance with the Corporation Code of the Philippines and be furnished with copies of the Company’s Annual Report and financial statements. Stockholders may also request the Company to provide periodic reports about its directors and officers, as well as matters for which Management is accountable. Moreover, minority shareholders are granted the right to propose the holding of a meeting, and the right to propose items in the agenda of the meeting, provided the items are for legitimate business purposes, and in accordance with law, jurisprudence and best practice.

Right to Dividend

The Board determines the dividend payout taking into consideration the Company’s operating results, cash flows, capital investment needs and debt servicing requirements. The Company’s dividend policy is to declare annual cash dividends equivalent to 30%-35% of prior year earnings and will endeavor to continue doing so while ensuring financial flexibility. Dividends shall be paid within thirty (30) days from the date of declaration.

Appraisal Right

Stockholders may exercise their appraisal right or the right to dissent and demand payment of the fair value of their shares pursuant to Section 81 of Corporation Code of the Philippines. Procedures for the exercise of this right are provided in Notice of Meeting.