SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation, is the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Supermalls. It was launched in 2004 to organize sustainability and community support efforts, into a comprehensive program that tackles a wide range of initiatives.

Our advocacies include Programs on Persons with Disabilities, Environment, Women & Breastfeeding Mothers, Senior Citizens and Children and Youth.

We partner with advocates, communities, and private and public sector organizations, in order to further advance the best interests of our advocacies. Our CSR initiatives support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As a responsible mall developer, SM ensures that its CSR programs serve as catalyst for positive change for the community it serves.

Making SM a Mall for All




Supporting Communities

SM Cares is all about serving our customers and supporting communities. We work with public and private sector organizations, with our employees and customers, in coming up with strategic initiatives that promote social inclusion and care for the environment. We aim to make each and every SM Mall a mall for all where no one is left behind.


Environmental Programs on Solid Waste Management


The program aims to reduce plastic waste in landfills and oceans through proper segregation and disposal.


The program enables tenant and customer participation in the responsible disposal of electronic waste which is considered hazardous.


The collection of the Used Lead Acid Batteries from cars, trucks and power generators enables proper recycling and encapsulation of the different parts of the batteries.


The Trash to Cash is a recycling market held every first Friday and Saturday of the month to encourage waste segregation and recycling among our customers, tenants, and communities.



SM's Corporate Social Responsibility programs contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030